Educational Gap

Education is the key, that opens doors of opportunity to come out of poverty. The possibility for many children to be educated is severely limited. Public schools for many parents are affordable, however with 100 and sometimes up to 400 students in one class teachers are totally overwhelmed and hence the quality of teaching is limited and even if the student finishes their schooling, it is not good enough to offer them any chance of studying further. The only solution for this deficiency is private schooling, which then offers the student the possibility to qualify for a decent job in the job market. But, even here the are huge qualitative differences. School fees at private schools are to expensive for most of the population, and in the rule parents have more children than they can afford, this however is not the fault of the child.

A classical school career looks like this, when the child finishes Nursery School they will go to a primary school, and from there they will move onto a secondary school. Nwoya District has a population of approximately 34000 people, more than half the population is under the age of 15, so we have approximately 18000 children in a school going age. However there are only 9 Primary schools and 2 Secondary Schools in the district. There are an additional 4 Community Schools where students don’t have the possibility to finish off with a Matric. As you can see there is not enough on offer to meet the demand of our children. In comparison to the South of Uganda the North has been forgotten.In the Menu bar  to the left one can find additional information regarding the educational situation in Northern Uganda.

School Projects

The school will be open to sponsored children as well as unsponsored children. However the school will be financed by means of scholarships and sponsors. The finances will be used to pay the teachers and materials. We will lay great worth in teaching our children Christian Values. One of these values would be that women should not have children with multiple partners, as they will not be able to take care of their children. Ugandan women often have more than 20 children, who grow up fatherless. The immorality of many of the men leads to them leaving one family to start with a new one elsewhere, which in turn births more children. When the women already has children they get shipped off to grow up with the grandmother. Due to the fact that many Granny are too old they too can’t look after the children.

Unfortunately it is always the children that suffer under these very challenging circumstances. Through educating values and knowledge we can slowly change the status quo for future generations.

Primary School

The primary school is the first school the children enter after Nursery School. Primary Schools are the most prevalent in our district even thou there are not enough to meet the demand. We intend to build a primary school, so that students that later join our secondary school have sufficient knowledge to integrate easily and seamlessly. As we have mentioned earlier the qualitative differences are often immense. The school will be co-ed with both boys and girls and have a Boarding Facility for homeless children as well as children without anyone home to take care of them.

Secondary School

We envision a girls school that will enable young women to receive a high quality education and to offer them a form of independence.

Why a girls school?

In most of the larger families, if any money is available for schooling it is traditionally given to the eldest boys. This is due to the fact that in Uganda there is still a dowry that needs to be paid for the bride. The price for the bride also increases with the youth of the bride, i.e the younger the girl the more money her father receives for her. So many parents don’t even consider sending their daughters to school as the smell of profits are far more important to them. Unfortunately many young girls are therefore brought into subjection of men. We believe with the right education this can be avoided. This is why we want to offer girls the opportunity to receive a great education.

The focus in subjects would be Natural sciences as this will give them an opportunity to be able to get a well paid job in the future, we will also have a boarding option for the students of the secondary school.

Who we are and what we do

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"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
(Jak. 1:27)

Our current project

With your help, the kitchen and the dormitories could be completed. Thank you so much to everyone who was there for us!

A simple community school is currently needed. Not all children in the surrounding villages can attend our school because the distances are too great and the paths too dangerous. Again and again you can encounter elephants, buffalos or other animals that cross to the Nile to drink water. For this reason we decided to build a primary school with four classrooms in one of the villages so that all children can go to school.

Such a building with four classrooms costs about 12,000 euros. A lot of thanks to a generous donation from Denmark, we were able to credit 3,500 euros. So we are only missing 8,500 euros.

A big thank you to everyone who makes this project possible. You can donate directly here.