Mama Washindi Lodge

Mama Washindi Lodge is located high above the valley of the Nile river with a magnificient view reaching the mountains of West Nile and Congo. The Lodge has bandas and tents and a family room, all units are self contained and have their own balconies. We offering local and international cuisine. WIFI is available in the restaurant. Mama Washindi Lodge is a place of severe tranquility. It is a place for prayer or retreat or just chiiling and enjoying the view and the astonishing nature around. Once in a while an elephant is visiting us, antelopes and monkeys are frequent visitors. So be careful in going out alone, always take a guard and/or a guide  when you want to discover the surrounding bush.

Our place is the perfect starting point to explore Murchison Falls National Park-the biggest National Park in Uganda. The Park is famous for its water falls, you can make a boat ride and hike up to the top of the falls. Leave very early in the morning or late in the evening for a Game drive, the Tangi Gate, one of the entrances to the Murchison Falls National Park is just 5 km away from our Lodge.
In the evenings there is a camp fire where people come together and review the experiences of the day and share how many of the "Big five" you have seen.
There are a lot of activities which can be booked from the Lodge: trips to the landing sites, the Emin Pasha Fort in Wadelei, the Alur Cultural Museum in Panyamur and much more.
Come with your own car and hire one of our 4 WD and open roofed safari vehicles with an experienced driver-guide. We offer also tour packages from Gulu, Arua or any other town with pick up and drop off at your place of convinience.

A short input from Tanja Akena, the founder of NTS Uganda:

People always ask me where the name of our Lodge is coming from- here is the story behind. When i came to Gulu the first time in my life in 2008 i got connected with a certain church. The very church had and have until today a womens group which is called "Winning women". These precious women invited me to visit them and when i reached i realized that about forty women were waiting for me hidden behind "hills" of paper beads with the expectation that the white woman has all connections in the world to sell the paper necklaces and bracelets they have produced in the last 5 years without having any market. Unfortunately i am not a business woman but i have a Lord who can open doors we never expect. I was just saying a short prayer and when i came back to my place of work miracoulously people were asking me where i got the nice beads from ( i was working in a big organisation near Mukono as a guest coordinator) and started to buy and even to resell them in Europe. Later i stepped out of the NGO in Mukono and started a CBO from Gulu, supporting child headed families and other needy people by giving out food and desperatly needed items like matrasses-it was shortly after the two decades of the Kony rebell war and Gulu was not yet a buzzling and growing business town. It was just a quired place with a lot of bicycle bodas and the number of cars was still small. People were still traumatized by the brutal atrocities which happened to almost every family. All the support we could give out was through the sale of the paper beads. To honour these humble beginnings and special the winning women we called our Lodge-Mama Washindi which means Winning Women in Suaheli.

Our Lodge is part of the organisation "Nobody to Somebody" in short NTS. All profit which from the Lodge will support the needy and vulnerable in the surrounding villages (old age programme, nursery, medical outreach) and help in the construction of the Shalom Education Centre with Primary School, Girls Secondary School and Catering and Vocational Institute.

Rates per Person

B&B Banda: 40 USD
Tent: 30USD


Special rates for missionaries and residents

Phone / Whatsapp:  +256 781080430
E mail: 

Here you find our lodge at Mama Washindi Lodge, Pakwach East – Updated 2023 Prices (

How to find us

Along Kampala-Arua highway 5km after Te Okot turn at the sign post "Shalom Education Centre" to your right
After 500m of rough road you find us


Murchison Falls National Park

The neighboring Murchison Falls National Park, one of the larger parks in Uganda with a wealth of game including Elephant, Antelope, Giraffe, Hippopotami, Lions, Leopards and, and, and…. Different to neighboring Kenya where mass tourism has taken its toll we in Uganda have relative little tourism and affords every visitor the quiet joy of maybe encountering humans once or twice on a safari. One can enjoy nature at leisure and as it was meant to be enjoyed, animals in their natural habitat.

Who we are and what we do

To be able to see the video, you must agree to the YouTube services!

To be able to see the video, you must agree to the YouTube services!

To be able to see the video, you must agree to the YouTube services!


"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
(Jak. 1:27)

Our current project

With your help, the kitchen and the dormitories could be completed. Thank you so much to everyone who was there for us!

A simple community school is currently needed. Not all children in the surrounding villages can attend our school because the distances are too great and the paths too dangerous. Again and again you can encounter elephants, buffalos or other animals that cross to the Nile to drink water. For this reason we decided to build a primary school with four classrooms in one of the villages so that all children can go to school.

Such a building with four classrooms costs about 12,000 euros. A lot of thanks to a generous donation from Denmark, we were able to credit 3,500 euros. So we are only missing 8,500 euros.

A big thank you to everyone who makes this project possible. You can donate directly here.